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How We Succeed

Training and development program

We aim to continually improve our services. We support and work collaboratively with our partnering organizations, including colleges, universities, pathway providers, education agents, and local educational organization and corporate training firms. In this, we look to improve product knowledge of our staff, keep them up to speed with changing dynamics of global education, foster critical self-reflection in terms of their own performance, and develop, assess, re-assess, revise and improve best practices in dealing with client students. We strive to ensure that our staff aspire to, and meet, the highest standards of professional integrity, and that their conduct remains ethical and becoming. In addition, we remain focused on keeping the professional knowledge of our staff up-to-date and, any and all of their certifications or assessments valid.

Student management system

We have developed a digitized, online-enabled, intelligent student management system to manage student clients, monitor performance and add a new layer to our target market engagement mechanisms. One the one hand, the system helps us improve our student management style, enhance efficiency of our service delivery, and increase client satisfaction. On the other hand, it helps us enrich our student engagement through automated, text message-based information delivery, application status tracking and promotional material shoots. In addition, it enables our staff to remain in constant and timely contact with our student clients through web-based telephoning.

Customized programs for our partners

We remain deeply engaged with our partnering organizations. In this, we frequently organize video conferences, telephone-based outreach efforts, in-person meetings and social events. By doing so, we maintain open channels of communication, keeping our partners up-to-speed with the efforts we engage in on their behalf, and continually monitoring the changing needs of our partners. Here, our hope is to maintain transparency in our operations, deepen our professional integrity and remain in a constant state of internal reflection in terms of how best to cater to the needs of our partners. As an added layer to our partnership management efforts, we have developed a stratified system whereby accounts of each of our partners are accorded to a carefully selected and responsible staff member. In turn, the staff member works under the supervision of a two-tier centralized, higher management framework. Whereas the account managing staff member acts a direct point-of-contact for our partners, the higher management tiers closely monitor and support our accounts management staff. In this way, our partners gain direct access to our organization and higher management can monitor and improve internal performance.

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