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Standardized testing guidance and preparation

We offer testing recommendations to our students for necessary standardized tests, such as IELTS, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. We pair students with teachers, develop a testing plan of action and help them establish realistic benchmarks for success. In this, we strive to help students find a suitable preparation course which can offer them the amount of focus and teaching hours that they need to succeed.

Supplementary materials

We work with our students to help them prepare the supplementary material they need for their applications. In this, we advise students on writing of their statements of purpose (alternatively, personal statements), help them prepare plans for letters of recommendation that they will need, and offer support in preparation of any and all other documents that they would need to submit.

Scholarships and financial aid consultancy services

Understanding the financial constraints some students may face, we offer full scholarship advice to our students and work to simplify the process of applying for financial aid. In this, we help students identify, and apply to, university scholarships, university grants and relevant external scholarships or grants.

Strategic consultation

We offer structured, customized and professional advice and guidance to students wishing to attain a foreign education.

Initial assessment

We conduct initial comprehensive brainstorming sessions with students. These sessions involve pre-career testing; personality analysis; an academic, extracurricular and leadership evaluation; an extensive discussion of a studentís strengths and weaknesses; and a determination of a studentís strategic edge, going forward.


Based on the initial assessment, we counsel students in terms of the best way forward for them keeping in view their career objectives. Here, we identify educational institutes that best match their personal and academic profiles, as well as their career goals. Next, we help students identify degree programs and gain a deep understanding of what pursuing any given program would entail.

Application processing

Once the student has narrowed down an educational institute and a relevant program, we help her process her application.

After acceptance

After a student has received an acceptance letter and is ready to move forward with her academic career, we help students find accommodation, understand cultural dynamics of the place they will be moving to, and offer other forms of support as may be necessary to move the process along smoothly.

Visa Guidance.

We offer comprehensive visa application and filing guidance. We look to simplify the process for students, and make sure that they file the right visa, with complete and accurate information, and at an appropriate time. In addition, we offer visa interview training and guidance by organizing mock interviews so that students are well-prepared for an actual interview session with a visa officer.

Pre-departure support

We offer comprehensive pre-departure support to students. This includes navigating individual accommodation requirements, itinerary preparation, flight bookings and other forms of support that a student may need.
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